Cliff Notes

Sparklefurry Design is a branding and graphic design studio for clients who color outside the lines.

We have the flexibility of being able to work on a per project basis and also offer continuing client services. We assign the right resources to accomplish your specific goals. (Which means if your project does not require a web developer, you don’t pay for a web developer while they work on another task)

We offer:
small business start-up package
on-going brand development and implementation

or a la carte:
logo design
identity packages
print collateral
advertising (online and traditional)
package and/or label design
web design and development

Brand Positioning:

We begin by researching your business, connecting with your audience and understanding your purpose and goals. We develop a brand strategy, messaging and marketing plan that will guide the direction of your brand at every customer touch point. Results are achieved through complete brand integration. We help establish brands for entrepreneurial start-ups in a variety of industries as well as give existing brands an updated look and feel. If you have a business you are ready to launch or feel as though your brand could use an update, contact us today.

Graphic Design:

Sparklefurry Design provides smart, relevant, integrated branding solutions for all your business needs including
identity design, logo design, signage, print collateral, advertising (online and traditional), packaging and
web design. We collaborate with our clients to assure your design needs will represent your brand and that it
will connect with your consumers.

Package Design:

Sparklefurry Design works with a variety of clients to provide a strategic in-store presence. Our package designs help build awareness for your brands, increase brand loyalty and ultimately work to increase sales. Whether you need only a label design or if you need a full package, we can make your product stand out. If you have a new product line you would like to launch or an existing brand you’d like to expand, we’d love to talk to you.

Signage and Environmental Design:

Not only do we craft your companies personality, voice and look and feel, but we give your business a face. Literally. Whether it’s signage on the exterior of your retail space or wayfinding systems inside, Sparklefurry Design is able to design and produce signage and environments that compliment and exhibit your brand. Whether you are just opening your first brick and mortar space or you have renovated your brand look and feel we can help.

Web Design and Development:

Sparklefurry Design creates custom content managed (CMS) websites that provide users with a brand experience. Your online presence is a great opportunity to increase awareness and build brand loyalty. Whether you are looking to develop a simple, streamlined message or looking to launch an extensive e-commerce site, Sparklefurry Design can determine the best approach for you. Contact us to find out more.