Cliff Notes

We like to keep things simple

* keeping things simple takes a lot of in depth thinking

1. We help you develop a brand look and feel. (colors, type, voice, imagery, etc.)
A brand is not a logo. (although we design logos too…)
We also design all the pieces that help support your brand. (print collateral, advertising, signage, packaging, website) Depending on where you are in your process, this could be ONE of these items or ALL of them.

2. We do not have the typical agency overhead. This means you pay for our talent and experience and not designer chairs or sushi lunches.

3. We ask a lot of questions so that we fully understand your pain. We also want to understand your goals. This means we are collaborative, working as your partner with shared objectives.

4. You may not see “exactly” what you are looking for. That’s a good thing. All the work you see here was designed with very specific client needs in mind. If you see something here that matches exactly what you are looking for, we suggest you re-evaluate if your offer is really that unique.

5. We will ask your budget. This is not because we want to take all your money. Its because we want to use your money in the most efficient and effective ways and we can guide you in those choices.

6. Yes, you can get a logo online for $100. You just can’t get it here.

7. If it sounds like you’d like to work with us… say hello. Let’s get this conversation started. You can reach out via our website, call us, message us on instagram or send a carrier pigeon.